Thursday, 25 July 2013

Story of another unfinished short

Back in 2009 Patryk Habryn and I started a project. We wanted to make short story about a dog living in small town, and his dreams. It supposed to be small and simple movie, but quite soon we found it growing to size that was really hard to handle by just the two of us. Finally we had to stop working on it, and although it wasn't entirely our decision (we were working in a studio and had other commitments than work only on a project that will not bring any money, at least directly), I still think that we should push harder and finish it.

Images shown here are WIP. Or rather was, there wasn't any progress since 2009. ;) We did them to see if this is gonna work at all, our style of modeling, texturing, rendering. And to keep us motivated. From time to time you have to do a render that doesn't push project any further, but it helps to see what it's gonna look like at the end. ;)

I was responsible for modeling, texturing, lighting, render setup, and some compositing.
Background in the image below is taken from some Disney movie, I did it just to see how it works with something else than black shape. It would be not used in our short of course.

Background buildings.
Background props

Maybe later I'll post more pictures of props.

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